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Godown in Prime Location Kanpur

When someone says Kanpur, the first thing springs the industries. Kanpur is famous for leather industry. There are many advantages to doing business in Kanpur because good connectivity from Kanpur to other cities and Kanpur is a huge leather industrial place in this world.

Business in Kanpur rapidly booming. Kanpur is involving city, and when it is about industrial and business success. One of the most induce question from startup’s is what are the best places in Kanpur having warehouses for your company like Panki , Sachendi, Kalpi road , Dada nagar, Rooma, Chakeri these are best location for the warehouse purpose.

Kanpur's importance of warehousing

In the logistics and supply chain management of firms, warehousing is vital. As a way to assist its growing sectors, Kanpur, the most important industrial city in India, demands well-equipped warehousing facilities. A warehouse becomes the centre of gravity for successfully keeping and delivering items, ensuring uninterrupted operation and satisfaction among customers.

  • Accessibility and Venue

Location and accessibility are vital factors when picking a warehouse for rent in Kanpur .In order to render it simple to move and distribute items of value, the warehouse Ideally ought to be situated adjacent to key roadways, ports, and transportation hubs. This saves transportation costs and enhances overall efficiency by ensuring that your items reach users and marketplaces for physical quickly.

  • Infrastructure and Facilities 

Innovative amenities and infrastructure should be accessible in a high-quality Godown in Prime Location Kanpur that meets various requirements of industries. Looking across warehouses with the latest loading docks, material handling devices, and innovative storage systems. These qualities increase your operations' productivity and efficiency while reducing your chances of product danger.

  • Security Protocols

Your inventory's security and preservation comes first. Always ensure that you have sufficient security measures in place prior to acquiring a warehouse that you can lease in Kanpur. Look for recreational opportunities including safety personnel which have gone through guidance, surveillance cameras, alarm systems, and fire suppression systems. A solid surveillance system provides you a sense of mind and defends your valuables towards burglaries, vandalism, and severe weather.

Are you looking for godown lease in Kanpur? Then you've come to the right place because this is the place where you can gather authentic information regarding Warehouse Rental. Now we will discuss some points related to Warehouse rental business.

Warehouse rental services in Kanpur at different location such as –

  • Sachendi: Sachendi is a suburb in Kanpur. It’s situated about 10km from Kanpur on the NH – 19 to Delhi. Panki industrial area is located about 7 km from Sachendi. Sachendi is the best location for the Warehouse purpose. The warehouse of many companies is also here such as SLMG beverages pvt. ltd. , Delhivery , M/S Tejasvi enterprises , Max Blocks (Kataria Ecotech pvt. ltd.) etc. and the requirements of the BTS warehouse keep coming for this location of the companies. So the demand of warehouses for this location is increasing day by day. If investors / owner want to invest in warehouse for rent in kanpur then this is a good location.

Rental – If we talk about rental that starts from Rs 18 to Rs 22 per sq. ft.

  • Panki Industrial area : Panki industrial area is a suburb of metropolitan Kanpur. It’s situated about 12 km from Kanpur central on the NH- 2 to Delhi. Connectivity is good for other places and there are many small and big warehouses available in different areas such as 5,000 sq. ft. , 10,000 sq. ft. 20,000 sq. ft. , 50,000 sq. ft. 1lac sq. ft. etc. If we talk about the rental, then it ranges from Rs 16 per square feet to Rs 22 per square feet. The warehouse of many companies is also here such as Bazar panits, ITC, May logistics, MRF, Apollo tyres. Many warehouse rental solution providers available at this location such as

  • Dada nagar Industrial area: Dada nagar industrial area is situated in Kanpur. It's comprises both residential and industrial area. Dada Nagar industrial area is a good place for connectivity purpose and Kanpur railway station is at a distance of 7 km from Dada Nagar. Many companies working at this place like Amazon, mayur industry etc. RCC & PEB structure warehouses available in Dada nagar and in terms of area, both small and large types of warehouse available for rent at this place.

  • Chakarpur: Chakarpur is located in Kanpur. This place is also known as industrial place because there are lots of factories and warehouses of many companies such as Haldiram, Parle- G, Reckitt Benckiser India Pvt. Ltd. , Udaan , VRL Logistics, Ecomexpress, JK tyre, Safe express etc and if seen, both small and big brand companies are available at this place. Mostly PEB structure warehouses are available at this place. There are many small and big warehouses are available such as 15,000 sq. ft. 25,000 sq. ft. , 50,000 sq. ft . , 80,000 sq. ft. and 1 lac sq. ft. etc. The most important thing in this is the rental of this location that is Rs 18 per sq. ft. to Rs 22 per sq. ft.

  • New Transport nagar: There is a Transport Nagar in any city, there is a new and old Transport Nagar in Kanpur. New Transport Nagar is being constructed as there is a lot of traffic in the old Transport Nagar. The warehouse sizes at Transport Nagar Kanpur range from 2000 sq. ft. to 10,000 sq. ft. Many warehouses are available of different companies such as The laxmi transport courier, Saran express transport , Marshal machinery company, SR freight courier, Nitco logistics private limited etc.and last but not least talk about rental is Rs 18 per sq. ft. to Rs 21 per sq. ft. This is very prime location in Kanpur city. Warehouse not readily available at this location because warehouse demand increasing day by day.

Best location Godown in Prime Location Kanpur –

  • Panki Industrial Area

These are the best location for the warehouses purpose. If any client wants to invest in Warehousing sector in Kanpur then the client can consider these locations and company wants to take the warehouse in Kanpur then the company has many options in these locations.

Our service:

Warehousewale providing warehouse rental services from last 10 Years all over India. We provide rental service to our warehouse owner as well as company.

If company needs warehouse for lease in Kanpur and any client wants to invest in warehouse sector in Kanpur, so can help you and client can also contact us.