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How We Work

Warehousewale.com Company was formed in 2013. Its main function is to provide quality warehouse for rent to our clients. We have been providing ready to Move and build to suit warehouse to our clients for the last 10 years.

We have redefined the build to suit warehouse in a new way we do build to suit warehouse across India those who have commercial or agricultural land send the details of it to us. And we send the details with us to the associated companies, who have a requirement of the build to suit warehouse or Godown for Rent. If the detail companies shortlist, then we visit them again.

We also help land owners in warehouse construction. We tell them what the height of the warehouse should be, what material should be put in it, what is the Dock Level, we tell them the complete information. Apart from this, we also tell the warehouse owner about the warehouse specification.

How much should the parking area be? How the set back is left in the warehouse. We give rate information to the companies that are associated with us which gives them correct information and save their time as well we have helped build a warehouse rental income by constructing a lot of warehouse along with many land owners for the last 10 years.


Why Warehousewale ?

We are the number one build to suit warehouse provider in India. We provide 24 * 7 customer service to our clients. Our mission is that any land owner who has a commercial or agricultural land can earn a good rental income by building a warehouse on it.

And we have also achieved a lot of success in this There are more than 4,000 companies in our bucket, We mainly target B class and C class city which we provide build to suit warehouse and Warehouse for Lease across India Apart from this, we also do factory leasing, industrial shed leasing and manufacturing unit leasing.

We have our own team in every district head quarter that searches the warehouse inventory and makes the client visit our team is available in every city, which provides timely side visits to the client and gives correct information. So if you are looking for ready-to-move or built-in suit warehouse, then warehousewale.com is a good platform to come and fulfill all your needs.