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Apartment for Sale/Rent in Gurugram

Apartment for Sale/Rent in Gurugram 

District Gurugram is located 30 Km south of National Capital New Delhi, about 10 Kilometers from Dwarka sub-city and 268 Km south of Chandigarh, the State Capital Over the past 25 years the city has undergone rapid development and construction. The District is one of Delhi’s major satellite cities and is part of the National Capital Region.

It is within commuting distance of Delhi via an expressway and Delhi Metro. The District is the second largest city in the Indian State of Haryana and is the industrial and financial centre of Haryana. It has the 3rd highest per capita income in India after chandigarh and Mumbai. It is also the only Indian city to have successfully distributed electricity connections to all its households. It is also the IT hub & center of various BPO companies.

Gurugram is declared as the financial and technological hub of the country with an accelerating prospect for over 250 IT companies. As a result, there is an outpour of elite job requirements with spiraling employment opportunities for the youth. Countering this spiraling prospect, show an observed escalation in the demand for apartments in Gurugram.


The most important and essential factor is location as it contributes to the physical as well as the mental well being of the occupants. There are various lifestyle apartments in Gurugram with all the amenities equipped inside. However, this doesn’t mean checking of the neighborhood is not required. Make sure apartment is located in an area with high security level so that all types of crimes are prohibited. Also, it is very essential to check the social amenities in the surrounding, which includes schools, restaurants, hospitals,

grocery stores and parks.


People while buying a house or a flat at a place are usually very particular about the development and connectivity. The city lying close to the state of Gurugram is well connected to the central railway stations, airports and other places of due importance.


Unlike what most homebuyers would think, the Apartment in Gurugram are absolutely affordable. They are available at reasonable prices as compared to the other locations of the country. With the affordable factor, the location also offers a wide variety of options.


The budget is the key factor in deciding to purchase an apartment. Filter your preference from your budget from the list of apartments. Calculate your budget before Apartment-hunting! If you’ve decided on a location you would like to purchase the flat in, Be well-versed with the current market prices before investing. Before finalizing the property, make sure that you consider all the add-on prices. Other than the price paid to the builder for the apartment the add-on costs include:

Club membership charges

Parking space charges

Service tax

Stamp duty

Registration charges

Processing fees

Electrification charges

Transformer charges

Floor rise charge

Water supply charge, etc.


Ample modern amenities

The city has basic to futuristic facilities present with state-of-the-art designs and features. Gurugram is treading towards being the center of attraction for purchase apartment. There is no shortfall of hospitals, schools, colleges, shopping malls, and other places. It has already become an ideal place with proper residential facilities, like gas pipelines, water supply, electricity, and a well-organized sewage system enabling the sanitary prospects effectively. extend the Demand of apartment for rent/sell in gurugram.