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warehouse for lease in Lucknow

Warehouse for rent by Location -

  • Kanpur Road

Kanpur Road is a warehousing hub Warehouses of all companies are available on rent here. in this area, you will get warehouse ​​for rent from 10,000 square feet to 50,000 square feet or 100000 square feet. And talking about the rent here, the rent of RCC warehouse which is from ₹ 20 to ₹ 25 and the PEB Structure warehouse rent ranges from ₹16 to ₹20 per square feet.

  • Sitapur road

If we talk about sitapur road in warehousing, then there are warehouses of old structure on sitapur road which are available for rent. Many companies related to grocery on Sitapur Road have taken their warehouses here, whose size ranges from 10,000 to 50, 000 square feet. The rent on Sitapur Road is ₹14 to ₹16 per square feet maximum rent.

  • Deva road

Deva Road has been developed because Tata Telco has a huge manufacturing plant here. Since Tata Telco is located on Deva Road, all Tata Telco vendors have their warehouses available for rent. Here are the vendors of Tata Telco who have to supply batteries or those who supply plastic related goods in Tata Telco; they need them at the warehouse for lease. Available for your opinion by 5,000 to 20,000 Sq. ft. on Deva Road.

  • Faizabad road

Warehousing on Faizabad Road has not been much supported because the land here is very expensive. If we talk about warehouse rent near me inventory, then one or two vacant warehousing on Faizabad road will be available for rent.

  • Sultanpur road

There is no warehouse available for rent on Sultanpur Road in Lucknow. Here many companies demand Warehouse Godown for Lease in Lucknow  but no land owner has built a warehouse yet.

  • Raibareli road 

There is only one SAFE EXPRESS warehouse on Raibareli Road which is hired by SET EXPRESS for a long time. No one has made any new Warehouse in Raibareli road Lucknow .

  • Bijnor raod

Bijnor Road is such a road where warehousing was first started Here Bhandari Farms warehouse available for rent in Bijnor road , where his size ranges from 10,000 to 50, 000.If we go a little next on Bijnor road, then there is a warehouse of Flipkart from warehouse and also for delivery warehouse .

  • Memora road

‌After Bijnor Road, there has been development of warehousing on Memora Road because there were no such big warehouses on Bijnor Road, so there was a need for a place where big warehouses were to be celebrated, they could not be built on Bijnor Road, so people started on Mara Road.

Build a warehouse whatever big warehouses are being built in Build to Suit warehouse or ready to move warehouse for rent , they are all being built on Memora Road. Here the warehouse rental ranges from ₹ 16 to ₹ 20 per square feet, depending on what is the specification of the company.

  • ‌Mohan road

After the arrival of Amazon's warehouse on Mohan Road, the demand of many companies has increased that if they are deep on Mohan Road..DHL and Royal Enfield have made their warehouses on this road and the rest of the companies are sitting in build to suite warehouse , searching hereof we talk about the rental, then the rental on Mohan Road ranges from ₹ 70 to ₹ 20 per square fit. If you want rent a warehouse in Lucknow or you find Top Warehouse for Rent in Lucknow , Warehousewale provide the best services .

Warehouse Wale can give you better rental and buy options and service if you search for Top Warehouse for Rent in Lucknow. We have been doing warehouse leasing for the last 10 years in Lucknow .We have given warehouse leasing services to many companies and owners in the last 10 years We provide you quality Industrial shed and warehouse space at low rentals. Whether it is RCC warehouse or a shed warehouse.

We are the number one built suit warehouse for rent provider in Lucknow .We always takes care of clients, they come from Low Rental Warehouse Services Providers. We understand the need of the client and accordingly we make white on the Godown for Rent in Lucknow  we have made a list of thousands of satisfied customers in the last 10 years.

We visit the customer side by time and send the proper proposal. We try our best to deliver what we commit to our customer. We are the first choice of logistics companies because we have given them better service over the years.

There are many such warehouse owners who had vacant land; we have given lakhs of income by building a warehouse on them. That is why we are the first choice of warehouse owner in Lucknow. so would you like to go to another place to find a warehouse on rent .So we request you if you want to rent a warehouse so in Lucknow, there is only one name .

We provide our customer with built-to- suit and ready to move and RCC warehouse in Lucknow We have all the warehouse rent details available in Lucknow. Whether it is a built in suit or ready to move warehouse our first priority is to make the customer's request full.

So keep in mind, whenever you are looking for a warehouse rental in Lucknow, the same name comes.