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Warehouse for rent in Patna - Warehouse Godown for Lease in Patna

Warehouse for rent in Patna

Patna is a historical city and the state capital in Patna district in the Indian state of Bihar. It is the largest city of Bihar. Transport ROAD National Highways 31 and 19 pass through the city. Being the state capital, Patna is well connected to all the major cities of Bihar by road.

Eastern India is growing at healthy rate since last decade and it has picked up further during last few years. The effect can be felt in all the economic sectors and warehousing industry has been prime example of East & North East India growth story.

Since decades Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai etc. has been prime storage and distribution hub for east India, but now Patna is fast becoming major hub . The warehouse space demand is lead by FMCG, pharmaceuticals, third party logistics, healthcare and consumer electronics segment.

There are two types of warehouses in Patna as described below-

Private Warehouses in Patna

The private warehouses in Patna are owned and operated by big manufacturers in Patna and large merchants in Patna to meet their own warehousing needs. Some big firms in Patna who require large storage capacity on a regular basis and who can afford money, construct and maintain their private warehouses in Patna go for private warehouses in Patna. Private warehouses in Patna are built by landowners and investors too. They rent out their warehouses in Patna to a specific company or multiple players as per the requirements of the tenants.

Public Warehouses in Patna

A public warehouse in Patna provides storage facilities to the general public for a certain charge. It may be owned and operated by an individual or a cooperative society. It has to take a license from the government. Many cold storages are examples of such warehouse godwon for lease in Patna . They are very important in the marketing of agricultural products and therefore the government is encouraging the establishment of public warehouses in the cooperative sector.



In Patna range of Rs 13 to Rs 24 per sq. ft. depending upon warehouse location and infrastructure quality.

Pivotal role in the Logistics sector

The warehousing industry plays a pivotal role in the Logistics sector, as it acts as a centre point and ensures smooth operations of the entire supply chain. With new technologies and the ever-growing online shopping, the warehousing industry has become the sunrise sector in India.

list of famous location of Warehouse for in Patna

  • Sampatchak
  • Fatuha