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Warehouse for Rent in Bilaspur – Godown for Lease in Bilaspur

Warehouse for Rent in Bilaspur


Gurgaon, with its port accessibility and strategic location, is a major commercial and industrial hub. As per the Corporation, 10,000 industries and factories are licensed in Gurgaon city alone, making it the largest industrial and commercial centre.

With manufacturers rethinking global supply chains, the need for Grade A warehousing to store finished products is becoming paramount. This is a huge opportunity for a hub like Haryana, not just for its infrastructure but also as a nodal seaport within Asia. Over the years, Gurgaon and its surrounding regions have become the preferred locations of business for many automobile companies and ancillary units. In addition, e-commerce sector has also witnessed significant growth this region. These drivers have led to a substantial rise in demand of Grade A warehousing facilities in and around Gurgaon.

Other then this in Harayana - Bhiwani ,Faridabad, Farrukhnagar ,Gurugram ,Hissar ,Karnal ,Kundli ,Kurukshetra, Manesar ,Pataudi ,Rohtak ,Sohna ,Sonepat ,Sonipat,Yamunanagar these are hot locations for warehousing


Type of warehouse Bilaspur


There are different types of warehouse. Some have RCC roof and are fully constructed with civil work. Some are combination of RCC and PEB (Pre Engineered Buildings) and some are complete PEB Structures.

Consider the type of construction of warehouse



Height of warehouse from center and side.

Width of shutter and number of shutters

Floor loading capacity per sq. meter. (Specially need to consider if the material is heavy)


Important Tips for site selection warehouse for rent Bilaspur

• The most important is location of warehouse.

• The land should be flat enough so that there is no land filling required.

• Should have excellent approach road to the land / plot

• The plot / land should have good width on the road for better movement of vehicles.

• The layout of the warehouse will depend on the shape of the land, so ideally it should be square or rectangle. Any odd shape of land will amount in high wastage of land.

• Land / Plot should have facility of Water and Electricity.


Investment in commercial property

Investment in commercial property in Haryana has always been seen as an exemplary means of expanding the portfolio of assets and restoring good returns. And while we're talking about Bilaspur

 , it's developed considerably over the last few decades and has made it almost unrecognizable from what it once was. Commercial property in Haryana has one of the best infrastructure growth which is always on a steady upward course. The establishment of a number of IT parks, MNCs has led to unprecedented developments in the city, attracting people from across the country and abroad.


Things to do with an empty warehouse

First, If the warehouse is small and within the city limits it can be converted in to a concept food café with a very different and out of the world ambiance. because it has a good height the ceiling can be made very creative with different lightning and artificial ceiling roofs. Along with food eatery you can have a live music and dance floor OR an art section to make it more interesting and inviting.


Second, interestingly it could be used as a Display Area of many products like automobile, earth moving equipments, engineering products, FMCG and Sports goods etc. With a small office in front or back or on the mezzanine floor (Because it has a good height) the rest of the area can be used very smartly making maximum use of it. A section wise layout of product display area could be an attractive point for customers visiting the space making it more interesting and interactive.


Investment Opportunity in Warehousing Business

There is a Hugh investment opportunity in warehousing business in India. The warehousing business in India has an extremely bright future; hence private financial and investment companies from across the world are looking towards India as their preferred investment destination and Warehousing a preferred segment of investment.


Successfully Warehousing Service have Wide network contacts Trained staff who can handle complex operations of warehousing.

our team will can execute the work on day to day basis.

Excellent management skills to handle multiple contracts of companies.

we have modern day automation for material handling, storage, packaging and labeling, and tracking and tracing the goods.